Independence Hill

Making Moments Matter
By Michelle Houriet, Executive Director
Independence Hill Retirement Resort Community
(210) 209-8956

michelleWorking in the retirement community industry, I speak with many of our resident’s family members and at times detect feelings of guilt about their parents. Guilt as we all know is not healthy for anyone. This can be the great motivator needed to look for ways to make visits more meaningful and memorable? How? Plan your visits and make them count! Think quality, not quantity. Have your parents help you with the plan. Having an event to anticipate, gives them something positive to look forward to, rather than thinking about when the last one was.

Spending time reminiscing or playing a game of cards will mean more than you cleaning out their kitchen or spending time doing chores around their home. Try to think from their perspective; what’s important to them may be very different from what you think is needed. And even though they may not get out of the house regularly, don’t rule it out. This time and stimulation enlightens seniors’ on a daily basis… I see it!

Most of the seniors of today are veterans. Plan something to honor their service and the service of those that fought beside them. Perhaps attending an event in the community for Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day or go to a war museum.

When planning a visit think about things you might like to reminisce or learn about. Ask questions… it’s ok! What do they consider the turning point of their life? What was their favorite vacation or childhood game? These questions spur conversation and are wonderful for learning about your ancestors. You can also ask questions about their memories of you, if they don’t always want to talk about themselves, or ask their opinions. Involve your children, come up with a couple questions too. These interactions will help your children remember this time, these visits – this person who has meant so much to you.

Rid yourself of the guilt trips about not being there everyday and put your energy into making moments matter for the next visit. When you talk with your parents let them know you are excited about your next visit, which will help them to focus on it in the same way. Having meaningful visits will go much further than spending frequent and meaningless time together.

If your parent or loved one is not interacting as much or as active as you would like them to be, come see how their days can be more abundant with the numerous things going on and available for them to do at Independence Hill. Call Sherrill or Laura at (210) 209-8956 to set up your personal tour today.

Independence Hill Retirement Resort Community is located at 20450 Huebner Rd., San Antonio, TX 78258. For more information, call (210) 209-8956 or visit

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