Fun Shooting Ranges in Budapest

Gun shooting is a thrilling activity that requires concentration and dexterity. It’s also a safe experience thanks to a professional instructor who will supervise the group during the entire session.

Located in the south of Budapest, Celeritas has a great assortment of guns to shoot including handguns and automatic weapons. They are open to groups of different sizes and previous experience is not necessary.

Military Vehicle Park

After the peaceful dissolution of Hungary’s communist regime in 1989, a debate began over whether to destroy or preserve the statues that had commemorated the old leadership and ideology. Today, the country’s toppled effigies find new life at Memento Park, an open-air museum designed by architect Akos Eleod that houses more than 50 of them. In one corner, a pair of enormous bronze boots – the remains of a colossal Stalin statue torn down during the 1956 Hungarian revolt – still loom large.

Memento Park has become a kind of graveyard to dictators, but it’s hardly an idealised place: A monument to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels squats by Lenin’s monstrously oversized boots; music from Hungary’s Communist era plays from an old jukebox near the ticket booth; and coffee mugs and posters bearing Lenin’s image line the shelves in the gift shop.

Amid the monuments, visitors can take part in military-themed activities. Children can unleash their inner Rambo at a shooting range, while adults can test their sabotage skills in an urban warfare simulation or learn about the newest weapons of war.

The event, which is held on 21 May, aims to bring the military closer to the public and encourage young people to opt for a career in the Armed Forces. 22 military exhibitors, including chemical defence units and deep reconnaissance teams, will showcase their equipment. Close combat and explosive ordnance disposal demonstrations will also be organised.


Get geared up in military camouflage and gear before being handed your airsoft weapon which includes 1000 bullets each and go head to head with the lads in a purpose built games theatre designed for airsoft. Think paintball but not as messy and a lot more fun! This activity is great for a stag weekend, birthday party or any other special occasion. Plus, everyone gets a pint of beer at the end!

Airsoft is a team shooting sport, similar to paintball, in which players use replica guns that shoot 6mm plastic BBs. It’s an excellent team building and bonding activity, as well as a tactical training tool for law enforcement agencies.

The cost of an airsoft gun varies from model to model and can range from less than $50 for a basic spring-powered gun to several hundred dollars for a high-quality gas or electric gun. The cost of airsoft ammunition, which is usually made of plastic pellets, can also vary significantly depending on the quality and quantity purchased. Additionally, many airsoft fields and ranges charge a fee to play on their premises.

Getting to Airsoft Doki is easy with Moovit. You can download the app and get step-by-step directions to Airsoft Doki from your doorstep or from anywhere in the city. You can view the schedules, routes, and prices of the different public transit services that you can take to get to Airsoft Doki.


Paintball is a popular group activity and perfect addition to any Budapest stag do. It’s a competitive team shooting sport where you battle against your opponents to eliminate them by tagging them with spherical dye-filled capsules with a gelatin shell called paintballs. These are shot at players from a compressed gas powered gun known as a marker. If the paintball hits a player and bursts, they are eliminated from the game and must leave the field of play. It is also possible to play a free-for-all mode where all players fight everyone else and the first team to eliminate all enemies wins.

Whether you’re playing a classic team deathmatch or a capture the flag variant, a real live paintball battle in Budapest is sure to get your blood pumping and heart racing. Budapest’s best arenas offer the biggest outdoor battlefields with a variety of natural and artificial obstacles to hide behind. There are even abandoned Soviet barracks to make full use of.

All venues provide safety instruction before the games start. It’s crucial that you pay attention, especially if it’s your first time playing paintball. A good tip is to aim for the neck area of the opponent, as this will cause the least amount of pain and damage if you are successful in hitting them. It’s also important to remember that if you hit a player multiple times, they are out and must leave the field of play.

Sniper Challenge

The Sniper Challenge is a multi-day military and police shooting competition that challenges participants to complete 14 unique stages engaging known and unknown targets from simulated sniper hides. From Navy Seals to school teachers and carpenters, participants come from all walks of life to test their mental and physical endurance.

The event is not for everyone. It’s hard work and very demanding on both the body and mind. This year, competitors rucked 30 miles and shot 11 stages over the course of three days, all while hauling their equipment, food and sleeping gear.

Despite the tough conditions, many of the competitors say they enjoy the challenge each year. They enjoy being challenged, testing their limits and discovering new ones. It’s this spirit that has helped the Sniper Challenge grow and attract repeat competitors each year.

Once a competitor is done depleting their ammunition from the package, they take on what Budapest Shooting calls its most famous test: Churchill’s Challenge. This is a fast-paced, precision shooting test where they have 30 rounds of 9×19 ammunition, a timer and a duelling tree – a post with ping-pong bats on it that they must hit before the time runs out. The higher priced packages include this challenge.shooting range Budapest

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