Sale on Michael Kors Bags

When it comes to updating your look, a designer bag is the finishing touch. Shop our sale on michael kors bags and upgrade your day-to-night wardrobe with everything from relaxed beach-ready totes to glamorous studded crossbodies. With the chic diffusion line of Michael Kors Collection combining uptown glamour with laid-back downtown sensibility, you can find a signature style for every occasion.
Invest in your wardrobe with a designer handbag

A designer bag is a great fashion investment. Not only does it elevate any outfit, but you can also sell it later for a decent amount of money.

The only caveat is that you need to pick the right bag. Often, a seasonal piece will lose its value quickly (think Chanel’s classic quilted bags that go through makeovers seasonally). So, look for a timeless style that is both in trend and will last for years to come.

Invest in a bag by a brand that is known for its quality and resale value, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. These brands are often in a position to raise their prices periodically, and their designs are iconic enough to stand the test of time. Consider choosing a neutral color like tan that will go with any outfit, or even opt for a chic and subtle metallic hue that will elevate a black dress. Then, mix high and low to create a unique style.
Upgrade your back-to-school uniform with a sophisticated leather backpack

If your child is going back to school, it’s a good idea to update their wardrobe with some stylish accessories. You can find a great selection of back to school uniforms and essentials at Kohl’s. They have a variety of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from so you can find the perfect outfit to suit your child’s unique style.

A leather backpack is the ultimate accessory to complete any outfit. They’re sleek, sophisticated and will add a touch of class to any look. When shopping for a leather backpack, it’s important to look for one that is made from genuine leather. Look for a full-grain leather that will hold up over time, and will not get damaged easily. Avoid bags made from bonded leather as this is a cheap and low quality alternative.

A bonded leather bag will start to wear down quickly and may not even last through one year of use. Also, make sure to check if the leather is hand or machine-made.
Add a pop of colour to your neutral ensembles with a bold satchel

Chances are your closet consists of a lot of neutrals. That’s totally okay. The key is to find your most flattering shades of neutrals, and then use them as the base for your color accents.

A bright bag can make all the difference in an otherwise simple outfit. You can play up your neutral tones by choosing a hue that’s in the same family as your dress or shoes. Or, you can contrast your look by choosing a shade that’s on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, a green tee-and-jeans outfit can be paired with a navy blue or pink satchel.

A pop of bold color is the perfect way to elevate your neutral wardrobes without going head-to-toe in color. This season, there are plenty of ways to add a splash of color—from bags in canary yellow and emerald green to shoes with eye-catching details like neon florals and electric orange. Upgrade your neutral looks with these designer accessories, available at a great sale price during the Michael Kors Semi-Annual Sale.
Show off your sartorial savvy with a new head-to-toe outfit

World-renowned designer Michael Kors has created a wide range of ready-to-wear and accessories under his eponymous label. Founded in 1981, his collection of MICHAEL Michael Kors bags has garnered a cult following for its supple leathers and relaxed shapes. From the ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote to the ‘Rhea’ backpack, these bags exude New York style.

Known for his sleek, contemporary Jet Set pieces, Kors has become synonymous with uptown glamour and is loved by celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow. The brand’s signature leather backpacks offer a sophisticated finishing touch to any outfit, whether you’re off to the office or hitting the weekend markets.

When shopping for a Michael Kors bag, beware of counterfeits. To make sure you’re getting a genuine product, check the tag to see where it was made. If it says “Made in China,” it’s likely a fake. Also, look at the stitching for a tight, even finish. If the stitching is sloppy or uneven, it’s most likely a fake.

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