The Nectre N15 Wood Heater

If you’re looking for a wood heater that’s compact yet packs a punch then the Nectre N15 wood heater is the one for you. This timeless radiant heater can provide incredible warmth to 140m2 of living space with a tiny footprint.

It’s Australian steel construction and firebrick lining improve thermal mass. Plus, it comes with a cool touch spring handle to load wood safely and easily.

Compact radiant heater

The Nectre N15 Wood Heater is a beautiful compact radiant heater that provides impressive heating output and a small carbon footprint. With a cast iron door, cool spring handle and fire brick lining, this is a wood heater that will add some fire magic to any space.

Designed and manufactured in Dry Creek, South Australia, Nectre wood heaters are built strong for Australian living conditions. They provide rock-solid build quality, exceptional heating performance and timeless good looks for all Aussie homes.

The Nectre range of wood heaters is available in a variety of designs to suit any home. The Legs, Pedestal and Wood-stacker variants all offer different options for styling and convenience.

Simple classic design

The Nectre N15 Wood Heater is a simple but classic design that offers an impressive radiant heating capacity of up to 160 square metres. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also highly efficient, making it an ideal choice for small spaces.

The N15 comes in a variety of design options to suit your home and lifestyle, including the wood stacker, pedestal or freestanding leg styles, allowing you to find the best fit for your space. Designed in South Australia, these wood heaters are manufactured using the latest in energy efficient technology and feature cool touch spring handles for easy loading.

The N15 Wood Heater is one of the most popular wood stoves on the market today. With over 42 years of tradition and quality, the N15 is an excellent choice for your next wood burner. The Nectre N15 is one of the most reliable and dependable wood heating systems available on the Australian market.

Extremely efficient

The extremely efficient Nectre N15 Wood Heater is a simple, classic and compact wood heater with an impressive radiant heating capacity of up to 160m2. It’s the perfect choice for adding some wood fire magic to your living space, so grab a book and get cosy!

Designed and manufactured in Dry Creek, South Australia for over 40 years, Nectre has become one of the most reliable and well-known wood heating brands. Their Australian made steel and other local materials mean you can expect a lifetime of warmth from your new Nectre heater.

Finished in black metallic paint, the Nectre N15 comes with a cast iron door with ceramic glass and stay cool spring handle. It also features a steel baffle with steel brick retainer and firebrick lining to improve thermal mass.


The Nectre N15 wood heater is one of the best freestanding models around. Featuring a 12kW max output, this heater will keep you toasty and dry during those sultry winter months without breaking the bank. It also deserves a mention for being among the most user friendly wood heaters in the industry. As you would expect from a brand named after a renowned Aussie legend, the customer service is unmatched and the warranty is worth the price of admission. The big question is which model to choose. The team at Pecan Engineering is on hand to help you select the most suitable unit for your home or office.

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