Top Travel News Sites for 2011

Travelers are unleashing two or three years of pent-up wanderlust this year, as Covid-19 fears wane and health rules loosen. The trend comes as remote work has made “bucket-list trips” more of a reality.

Professional travel writing can be a tough and competitive market, but it is possible to make a living from it. The key is to create a bold line of introductory copy that grips like glue.
Rick Steves

Rick Steves is a household name for the subset of hesitant Americans who are eager to experience Europe. The affable television host has built his reputation on convincing people to take the plunge, and he often speaks about how travel helps to change their perspectives.

Every year, he takes 30,000 travelers on his company’s small-group tours. His company’s travelers are limited to carrying a carry-on bag, and he strongly encourages everyone to follow suit.

In a recent interview with Travel + Leisure, Steves discussed some of the issues that can cause travel stress. He encouraged travelers to focus on experiencing a destination rather than trying to check off every museum and monument. He also emphasized the importance of planning ahead. He said that many sights now require advance online bookings to mitigate crowds.
Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure is an American travel magazine founded in 1937 and known for its stunning photography, upscale cover subjects and the annual World’s Best Awards, where readers rank airports, hotels, cruise ships, cities and islands. The magazine also features articles by novelists, poets, artists and non-travel journalists. It is owned by Dotdash Meredith, which operates a number of lifestyle brands and also owns the Timeshare Company (which licenses the trademark to its namesake magazine).

Subscribers can use T+L Go to turn inspiration into action. They can book hotel rooms, airfare, cruises and car rentals with ease. They can also use the platform to find activities and curated itineraries. T+L Go offers members big savings, expert advice and preferred pricing. Membership also includes a complimentary subscription to the magazine.
USA Today Travel

USA Today’s Travel team covers everything from domestic and international destinations to airlines, hotels and restaurants. Last year was a tumultuous one for many of the country’s top travel destinations. Hurricanes impacted several Florida and Caribbean locales while wildfires ravaged parts of California, and Las Vegas is still grappling with the fallout from domestic terrorism attacks.

USA TODAY Travel is also behind HotelMe, a verified hotel reviews platform that allows travelers to read ratings and opinions written by fellow guests before booking their stay. It’s important to remember that sites can censor or delete reviews at their discretion for any number of reasons.

USA TODAY’s travel site ranks among the most visited in North America. Ross says a majority of write-ups are relatively accurate. As long as you disregard the hypercritical one-star reviews and exuberant five-star ones, she says, you should be fine.
View From the Wing

View From the Wing is a travel blog run by Gary Leff, who has extensive knowledge about frequent flier programs and credit cards. While websites with names in the title tend to be written by one person, this site does not feature a name so it can be tricky to know who’s behind it at first glance. Nevertheless, this site is worth checking out to learn about the latest credit card offers and tips for getting free flights.
The Points Guy

Founded in 2010, The Points Guy (TPG) is the leading travel and lifestyle media platform that focuses on maximizing points, miles and elite status so travelers can travel smarter. The site provides trusted flight, hotel and airline reviews, curated travel guides, immersive video components and global event activations.

A coordinating editor for TPG, Christine edits travel news, features and other content on the site. A travel addict at heart, she has climbed mountains in Alaska, camped on the Serengeti and eaten her way through many countries.

The TPG app, Burn, connects the dots between award fares and travel partners to help members maximize their loyalty rewards. It supports more than 70 loyalty programs and is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is free to download and use.

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