Types of Fire Fighting Water Nozzles

The right tool for the job can make all the difference in a firefighting mission. Knowing the different types of fire nozzles and when to use them is essential to help firefighters save lives and property.

Nozzles connect to fire hoses using threads, and each type of nozzle supports different spray patterns. Depending on the fire, some nozzles are also approved to disperse foam solutions.
Brass Bullseye Nozzle

Used by Firefighters & Industry for over 50 years, this 3/4″ GHT (garden hose thread) industrial grade brass power nozzle adjusts from a POWER mode to a HEAVY SPRAY, a PIN POINT STREAM, and offers a guaranteed LEAK-PROOF OFF! Unlike traditional nozzles that manage water flow by capping the water with a stopper, this Patented-Revolutionary nozzle uses a closure system that CONSTRICTS the water flow resulting in MAXIMUM POWER & VELOCITY even at low water pressures.

The Power mode excels at power washing, the pin point stream is superb for detailing and cleaning coils & pool filters, and the heavy spray is great for rinsing & general clean up. This pressure nozzle for the garden hose saves gallons of water and is the most popular hose nozzle among firefighters and householders alike. Easily attaches to standard 3/4″ garden hoses. Made in USA. UL Listed and FM Approved.
D-Ring Nozzle

The nozzle at the end of a fire hose, typically used to supply water for fire fighting. The nozzle can be adjusted to produce a variety of spray patterns, from a straight stream to a fog. It can also be set to automatically adjust the pressure based on the selected pattern.

Every fluid-flowing orifice has a coefficient of discharge; variations in the shape, size and construction of a nozzle or pipe cause friction and turbulence that reduces flow and pressure. A perfect orifice would have a coefficient of 1, but fire hose nozzles rarely come close.

A small-diameter fire hose preconnected to the pump of an engine and carried on a booster reel; allows firefighters to put out small fires close to the truck without having to connect to a fire hydrant. Can be used with a fire fighting foam system to extinguish Class B fires. Also known as red line.
Straight Stream Nozzle

Providing a solid stream of water, the smooth-bore nozzle offers maximum reach and penetration. It allows firefighters to position the master stream from the pumper or aerial and reliably aim at a structure without disrupting or soaking everything below it.

The National Fire Protection Association created a set of standards describing how spray nozzles must perform. They divide hose nozzles into four major categories: basic, constant gallonage, constant pressure, and constant/select gallonage fog.

Constant-gallonage nozzles have a fixed orifice size and one constant discharge rate regardless of their rated pattern. Fog nozzles break the water into droplets, which increases their coverage area. Fog nozzles also have moving parts, so they require more maintenance to operate correctly.
Fog Nozzle

Fog nozzles disperse water droplets into small, vaporous units that quickly absorb heat from the walls, ceiling and floor of the room. Their advantage over solid-stream nozzles is that the smaller water droplets can be more easily converted to steam, which decreases the temperature of the room, making it easier to extinguish the fire.

A fog/combination nozzle’s disadvantages include not having as much reach and penetration, disturbing the thermal balance in the compartment, increasing the likelihood of steam burns to firefighters and creating large amounts of steam that may push the fire through a structure. They also do not have a constant gpm, which is necessary for the most accurate application of fire fighting water.

However, they do offer a flexible width stream for reach and penetration and can be used to provide exposure protection in a hazardous situation such as a gas line leak or during an evacuation. They also have a variety of adapters and can connect to any 1 1/2″ or 2 1/2″ fire hose.fire fighting water nozzle

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