5 Elderly Home Care Facilities in Montreal

Many seniors would prefer to remain at home as long as possible. This is because staying in their own home provides them with the comfort of a familiar environment and the opportunity to maintain their independence.

Unfortunately, for too long Quebec has relied on institutional care to provide its elderly with the necessary care that they require. It is therefore crucial to promote and develop the home care network to ensure that seniors are able to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

Lux Gouverneur

Located in Montreal near the Olympic Park, Lux Gouverneur is a multiservice retirement home that has multiple program choices based on the principles of a healthy and active lifestyle. The concept includes a range of personalized services that offer good food, health, wellbeing and safety – all in a luxurious setting optimized for your comfort!

LUX Gouverneur is the “all-inclusive vacation” style at its best. The environment is designed to give you a peaceful retreat that’s also vibrant and stress-free, with people who share your interests.

This Montreal-based complex is currently facing a lawsuit from the family of Helene Rowley Hotte Duceppe, who died after being trapped in a courtyard during a false fire alarm last year. The 93-year-old’s seven children say her death was caused by gross negligence at the luxury residence.

LUX Gouverneur is one of the most sought-after residences for seniors in Montreal, combining exceptional amenities with unparalleled comfort. Its residential units come with heating, electricity, daylight curtains, an individual safe and six (6) latest-generation appliances. Residents can also enjoy housekeeping service and a personal care assistant.

Residence Angelica

Located in Montreal’s North, Residence Angelica is a non-profit organization (NPO) run by the Sisters of Charity of Sainte-Marie. The facility boasts the top of the line facilities and equipment and offers a few perks to its residents that are sure to impress.

The facility also specializes in a variety of innovative technologies and processes, most of which aren’t widely available elsewhere. Its commitment to the quality of its services and products is unwavering.

The facility has an impressive list of awards, including a coveted designation as one of Canada’s Top 50 Home Care Providers. With an exceptional staff, the residence is the envy of its peers. The most important part of the story is how the facility and its staff have maintained their high standards, despite the ever-changing demographics. The company is on the path to becoming a leading provider of elderly home care montreal in the province. Its success is attributed to a number of factors, not least of which is the dedicated and committed staff who are passionate about their job.

Le CHSLD Villa Belle Rive

Le CHSLD Villa Belle Rive, a senior home care facility in Montreal-North, offers nursing care by a team of nurses, licensed practical nurses and patient attendants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This elderly home care center features 31 spacious rooms for single or double occupancy, sunny and fully furnished with services for semi et non-autonomous persons who have lost their autonomy (mild to severe).

The staff at Villa Belle Rive is qualified in cognitive impairment for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive losses. They also have several security devices in place to reassure residents. These include a 24-hour emergency call system in each room and a call bell in the bedrooms and washrooms. A fire alarm and sprinkler system are also in place to protect the property. In addition, the building has an elevator for access. You can contact a resident’s advocate for more information about the Villa Belle Rive or to get a list of available residences.

Les Appartements du Square Angus

Les Appartements du Square Angus is a prestigious senior home care facility in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood of Montreal. This complex of 88 condo-style 3 1/2 units was designed to meet the expectations of autonomous seniors aged 60 and over.

A good retirement residence should be able to accommodate the needs of residents and their families with comfort, elegance and functionality. At Angus Square Apartments, this is done by offering a variety of activities and services. Aquafitness, yoga and dance classes keep the residents of this seniors apartment complex active while cooking, sewing and drawing classes help them pursue their passions. There are also plenty of outings organized to the theater, museum, market, shopping centre and performance hall for a fun and fulfilling time. If you need assistance locating the best senior home care for your loved one, seek a recommendation from an elderly home care specialist. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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