A McLaren P1 For Sale

When Ernie Hernandez brought his salt water soaked mclaren p1 for sale home, he decided to document its restoration and share it with the world. It became the most famous written-off hypercar in history, ending up on top of a toilet and covered in debris in Florida.

The P1 features a 3.8-liter V-8 and an electric motor that combine for 903 horsepower. It was also designed with maximum aerodynamic capabilities in mind.


McLaren’s P1 is a high-tech exotic supercar that is both fast and safe. Its unique carbon-fiber-and-Kevlar MonoCage chassis is designed to absorb impacts. Its brakes are made of carbon ceramics. Its electric motor can boost acceleration at the touch of a button.

Its hybrid gas-electric powertrain generates 916 horsepower. This allows the car to go from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. It can travel up to 310 miles on a full tank of fuel. Its battery pack is mounted between the engine and cabin to provide the best weight distribution.

Its rear wing can be stalled by the driver to reduce drag at high speeds. It can reach up to 600 kg of downforce on a straight. This feature was inspired by McLaren’s F1 technology. The car’s suspension is a hydro-pneumatic proactive system with variable ride height. It can also be tuned to different driving modes. Its Race Mode allows the car to corner at 2g.


McLaren’s designers prioritised aerodynamic performance in the P1, spending hours in a wind tunnel and using CFD to optimise the car’s design. The result is a car that generates 600kg of downforce “well below top speed”, which McLaren says is more than current road-legal supercars.

This allows the car to stick to the road and maintain its grip even when driven with a heavy foot on the accelerator. A rear wing can be deployed when needed, diverting air from the front of the car and increasing downforce to help with cornering.

The P1 also gets an IPAS button that gives a KERS-style electric boost to power and torque for short bursts when required. This can be activated with 80% throttle input when the driver desires extra acceleration. Alternatively, the driver can use E-mode which runs on pure electric power when required. This mode can be used at any speed but will drain the battery faster.


If you’ve ever seen a McLaren P1 on TV or in a magazine, odds are it carried one of two UK-registered plates, P1 OOV or P1 OOU. These are pre-production prototypes, which the carmaker uses for testing and promotional purposes.

The McLaren P1 was built for aerodynamic performance. You’ll find plenty of carbon fiber throughout its body, from the fighter-jet inspired teardrop cockpit to a large fixed rear wing that can deploy F1-style drag reduction systems during races.

The car can generate up to 600kg of downforce when in Race Mode. That’s more than most F1 racing cars. This can make the P1 unintuitive to drive, as it requires serious commitment to corners. Those who don’t commit may lose control of the car, spinning off the track and facing astronomical repair bills. In this mode, the P1 can corner at stomach-troubling 2g.


McLaren’s P1 is one of the rarest cars in the world, and its price tag isn’t unreasonable considering its class. It undercuts the Ferrari LaFerrari by a few million dollars and costs less than a Porsche 918 Spyder or Bugatti Veyron.

McLaren designed the car to be the ultimate road and track warrior, and that’s evident in every detail of its appearance. Its sleek proportions and sweeping lines give it an aerodynamic profile that makes it look faster than anything else on the road. Inside, you’ll find plush leather and microfiber seats that provide a comfortable, optimal driving position.

The McLaren’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission deliver the power you need for everyday driving and ferocious performance on the track. The carbon fiber monocoque, which is twice as strong as titanium, supports the car’s impressive torsional rigidity. Other standard features include Instant Power Assist Program, RaceActive Chassis Control and Akebono layered carbon-ceramic brakes.

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