Auto Cold Drawing Machine

The auto cold drawing machine manufactures wire drawing. It takes a steel wire rod as raw material and reduces its diameter to whatever size you want.

This chain-type machine is used to draw metal tubes and bars for a wide range of industrial products that require re-sizing and precision with strict tolerance. It is a key component for manufacturing seamless pipe & tube, coil tube and capillary tube.


Horenco’s new line of swaging, cold drawing, and straightening machines streamlines industrial processes. The advanced machinery allows businesses to operate at high speeds, producing quality products with precision and accuracy.

A modern drawing machine uses a series of individual capstans driven by AC motors and water-cooled. These capstans enable a minimized slip operation, which leads to the highest possible wire surface quality. The modern design also eliminates the need for hard electrical wiring between the drive motors and the PLC. Instead, control signals are digitized at the machine and transmitted over a single pair of data wires.

A power rod payoff can be used to create points of up to 6.5 ft. (2 m). This helps to prevent breakage of the stationary rod and provides better point drafting. There are several ways to achieve this, including using an overhead take-off (OTO) accumulator block as shown in Figure F14. Another method is to use a double-block accumulator.


Horenco’s new line of swaging, drawing, and straightening machinery is the perfect addition to any business that uses metal rods. This advanced equipment features a number of benefits that will improve production processes and help businesses save time and money.

One of the biggest advantages is that it allows you to work with various diameters of wire rod. Unlike the cold rolling process, which can only reduce the thickness of the rod, cold drawing can also change its surface. This process removes impurities from the alloy’s surface, which makes it brighter.

Another benefit is that it can reduce the amount of time spent on pointing the rod. Pointing machines use powered payoffs to shave off the rod’s point, which allows it to enter the drawing die. This can significantly reduce the overall pointing time. Modern drawing machines also use a programmable control system to monitor the state of each capstan. This allows them to keep the wire temperature low as they pull it.


Horenco’s new line of swaging, cold drawing and straightening machines is a must-have for manufacturers and fabricators looking to streamline their process. These state-of-the-art machines are designed to make the work of resizing and shaping metal tubes, pipes, rods and bars much easier.

The HS model is a chain-type machine that uses a hydraulic push pointer to draw a range of industrial products that require resizing and precision with strict tolerance. For example, it can draw the round, hexagonal and square metal bars used in linear guideways.

The spooler motor power must be sufficient to drive the maximum weight spool at top speed, but it must also accelerate that spool to maximum speed from a stationary position in the drawing block (see Fig J14). The machine may use either an air-cooling or water-cooled final capstan. Forced air-cooling is costly to install and operate, but it provides better control over the accumulated wire. It also disperses the airborne drawing soap around the machine, reducing the risk of corrosion and environmental problems.


Horenco has a new line of swaging, drawing and straightening machines that can make life for manufacturers and fabricators a lot easier. These turnkey machines are designed to reshape the end of a tube or pipe, making it much easier for connections to be made.

The machine has a hydraulic push pointer that clamps the metal bar and draws it directly against the drawing die. It also has discharging arms that carry the drawn materials into designated collection racks next to the draw bench. It can be used to draw a variety of metal tubes and bars including brass, mild steel and alloy bars.

Typically, limited-stroke dancer drawing machines have capstans mounted on vertical shafts. This makes it difficult for the operator to string-up the accumulated wire without leaning over the machine or crawling under it. To simplify maintenance, forced air-cooling can be added to the capstans for certain applications. However, the extra cooling can cause the lubricant to be at an unfavorable temperature, which reduces productivity.

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