Choosing the Right RV Refrigeration

Whether you’re a weekend camper or a family of four that takes long road trips, keeping your food cold is a must. But, figuring out which fridge is the best fit for your rig can be complicated.

In this quick lesson from Dave Solberg of the RV Experts on Youtube, he explains the different types of rv refrigeration available and helps you understand the basics of how they work.

Absorption Refrigerators

These are the most common type of refrigerator found in modern RV’s. They replaced the old literal “Ice Box” style that required a lot of ice to cool. These fridges run off of a combination of LP gas (propane) and 120V AC electricity. Some have a switch that can be switched between power sources depending on what you are using to run the fridge. Some models from Norcold and Dometic will automatically switch between the two while others require you to manually flip the switch.

Pros: These fridges are quiet and use power sparingly. They are the best option if you plan on boondocking and need to conserve battery or generator power. They don’t have a compressor but instead, utilize a simple boiler system to heat an ammonia and water mixture that evaporates and condenses to facilitate the cooling effect.

Cons: They are not as reliable as a compressor fridge in hot weather or in areas with high humidity. They also can have issues if the RV is not level, as this can cause ammonia crystals to form in the piping and limit air flow.rv fridge

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