Stitch Apparel For 2020

Stitch’s 2020 apparel collection includes polo polos that look upscale with contrasting stripes. These polos come in various fabrics and colors to suit your style.

Stitch fans can also find a number of accessories to accompany them on summer adventures with their ohana. This toothbrush holder features the same artwork as the Moana Mercantile hat.
Experiment 626 Hype Jersey

Stitch crashed to Earth and brought chaos and adventure with him, but he’s also shown that it’s possible to be good. This collection celebrates the mischievous alien and his adherence to the Hawaiian concept of family, or ‘ohana.

The ‘Ohana Beach Hype Jersey features a tropical scene of Lilo and Stitch dancing on the sand. The white backdrop with simulated plumeria flowers highlights the characters in their vibrant blue costumes. This is a perfect addition to any Disney fan’s wardrobe, no matter what the season.

Loungefly’s Experiment 626 Sandcastle and Beach Surprise Backpack has Stitch ready to tear into a sandcastle on the front, and ocean and beach details on the side pockets and back of the backpack. There’s even a pocket on the back for your water bottle! The backpack is available beginning on #626Dday.
Experiment 626 Loungefly Backpack

Stitch hangs loose–or upside down–on this premium faux leather Loungefly Disney Lilo & Stitch Experiment 626 Mini Backpack with printed, embroidered, and applique details. A front zipper pocket, adjustable straps, and a Stitch and Scrump-patterned interior lining complete the design.

The 3D clear dome of this backpack features the Grand Councilwoman as she oversees a metallic Pop! Stitch who’s fate hangs in the balance. The dome zips open to store your Pop! and three blue LED lights shine in the Pop! area. The shiny silver vegan leather (polyurethane) wraps around to the side pockets.

This exclusive bundle includes the light-up backpack, plus a Funko Pop! and a matching wallet. The mischevious alien is depicted on the front of the Pop! in his four-armed form, space suit, and angry face. The wallet has plenty of room to hold your cards, cash, and more. This item is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide.
Experiment 626 MagicBand+

The Experiment 626 MagicBand+ is a fun minigame for guests to play while on their Walt Disney World vacation. It can be purchased in a variety of colors and designs, starting at $35.

The game is played by pressing down on the center of the puck to move Stitch forward and backwards. There are also buttons to press for ray, freeze, and big gun shots. Some enemies can be taken out with just a ray shot, while others require a combo.

The MagicBand will guide you throughout the world of Batuu. The band will turn green and vibrate faster as you get closer to an area, and it will turn red and vibrate slower as you move farther away. The only thing that kills the game is falling into liquid, so it’s a good idea to stay away from that.
Experiment 626 Funko Pop!

For those who want to collect the cute and cuddly alien from Disney’s 2002 sci-fi film, the Experiment 626 Funko Pop! is the perfect addition to their collection. This BoxLunch exclusive depicts the moment when the illegally-made extraterrestrial lifeform resembling a blue koala bear is captured before escaping to Earth.

The 3 3/4-inch tall figure features Stitch with his 6 limbs and spacesuit in a dome. He’s angry with the Grand Councilwoman and looks oh-so-cute even when he’s mad. This Entertainment Earth Exclusive comes in a mint-condition window display box.

Other cool Stitch merchandise includes the Lilo & Stitch Loungefly Mini Backpack, which features the adorable alien with a light-up dome. It also has a front clear pocket that’s made to look like the Grand Councilwoman’s spaceship, gorgeous iridescent details, and alien writing. You can also find a Loungefly crossbody bag with the same design. These are all available at BoxLunch, where you can also find other Funko Disney exclusives like the Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose Pop.

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