The Best Hair Dryer For Travel Light

A hair dryer is one of the most frequently used tools in a beauty routine. Whether you want to tame frizz, add volume, or smooth your hair’s texture, it can help.

To avoid overheating and a fire hazard, there are several safety measures built into each hair dryer. Some of the most important include: a thermal fuse, an overheating switch, and a cool-shot button.

Hair dryers are electrical devices that convert electricity into heat energy for drying hair. They can be dangerous if not used properly, so manufacturers have to include a variety of safety measures.

One of the most important is to insulate the outside of the dryer. This keeps the outer shell from becoming hot to the touch and prevents burns if someone accidentally grabs it by the barrel.

Another essential feature is a safety switch that is built into the electrical circuitry of the hair dryer. This switch has a small metal strip that melts if the heat becomes too high, breaking the circuit and shutting off the drier.

For salons, offering better-than-standard retail hair dryers is an additional way to help clients look their best. GH Beauty Lab scientists and professional hairstylists evaluate the latest models for their drying performance on standardized strands of human hair, ease of use and attachment options, comfort while holding, and other features.

If a guest turns on the hair dryer in their hotel room and leaves it running, it can easily consume up to a kilowatt-hour of electricity per hour. This is a substantial amount of electricity that can trigger demand charges on a hotel’s electric bill.

Most of the energy a dryer uses is from the motor. In GH Beauty Lab testing the best models had very quiet motors with great airflow and heat output. The least powerful models had loud, vibrating motors that were difficult to hold.

Many hair dryers use a bimetallic strip inside the motor to protect it from overheating. The strip is composed of two metals that expand at different rates when they’re heated. If the strip reaches a certain temperature it bends and trips a switch, shutting off the motor.

Hair dryers use a small electric motor to spin a fan. That fan pulls air through a few layers of resistors that generate heat to warm it by forced convection. The hot air then streams out the end of the hair dryer’s barrel.

Most hair dryers have both a low and a high airflow setting. The difference is that when you turn on the high setting, the motor speeds up and the fan rotates faster, creating a stronger flow of air.

A nozzle attachment directs the hair dryer’s airflow for precise styling and smooth results. Some also emit negative ions that seal the cuticle, minimizing frizz and static for a polished finish. For the most versatility, look for a model with interchangeable nozzles and a diffuser. This feature lets you dry kinky hair and define voluminous curls, while still providing a fast blowout. It’s easy to use, too—those attachments snap into place and are simple to switch out.

Hair dryers are a mix of many different components, including an electric motor and fan blades, copper wiring and switching mechanisms, and plastics. All of these parts must be designed to be durable, but also light-weight so that the hair dryer is easy to handle during use. Fortunately, the latest technology allows engineers to produce powerful hair dryers that are lightweight and comfortable in the hand. This makes the best hair dryers for travel light, but still capable of delivering professional-level blowouts. Whether you’re trying to cut back on baggage fees or just need something to keep in your hotel room, these lightweight hair dryers will save you money and hassle at the airport.

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