Tissot Watch Repair

Tissot has been in the watch business for over 160 years and pride themselves on staying ahead of consumer trends. They are the Official Timekeeper of Basketball, Cycling, Motor Sports, Rugby and Fencing.

Having your Tissot watch repair serviced is essential to maintain it’s value. The complete service involves a watchmaker checking and repairing the movement, replacing parts where needed, and cleaning all components in large ultrasonic tanks.

Crystal Replacement

Tissot makes a variety of different watches, from the classic T-Touch Expert Pilot to the tech-heavy T-Touch Chronograph. These watches all use a combination of sleek materials, advanced functionality, and precise watchmaking to create beautiful timepieces that are both accurate and stylish.

Quartz Tissot watches use a movement made by ETA, one of the largest watch movement manufacturers and a subsidiary of The Swatch Group, which also owns and operates Tissot. These movements are less complicated than automatic or mechanical watches, and typically cost less to repair.

A complete Tissot watch service will usually cost $130-$305. This includes replacing the battery, repairing or replacing the crown, pushers, and gaskets, and cleaning the case and metal bracelet (and shortening it if requested). It will also include a full inspection and testing of your Tissot watch for water resistance.

Band or Strap Replacement

Changing a Tissot watch strap is easy with the right tools. First, find a stable surface to work on and lay down a soft pad in case the watch accidentally slips off during the process. Next, orient the watch for easier access to the spring bars.

If the strap has a pin connecting it to the case, remove the pin with a small screwdriver or other pin removal tool. Pull the old strap out through the top spring bar and slide the new strap into place, ensuring that it is aligned with the lug holes.

If the band has no screws and connects to the lugs with spring bars, detach one of the spring bars by inserting your tool (or a piece of wire) into the indent on the shoulder, or case lug. Push the fork end of the tool between the lug and the band until you hear a click; then, push the other end of the spring bar free from the lug hole. Repeat with the other spring bar.

Battery Replacement

Tissot has found a super-useful way to inform the user when the battery is getting low. Instead of a digital display they use the second hand to give the user the message by moving it every 4 seconds. This requires less energy and also allows the watch to continue working even with a weak battery.

When the second hand starts jumping two bars at a time it is indicating that the battery needs to be replaced. We recommend replacing the battery as soon as possible to avoid the watch stopping altogether.

At J & J Watch Repair we fully disassemble all watches to clean the movement, ultrasonically clean the case and bands, reassemble and reseal them when needed. We only use genuine Tissot gaskets and crowns to ensure your watch is correctly sealed and protected.


Tissot is a Swiss watch brand that was founded in 1853 with the aim of leading watchmaking into the future. Today they produce automatic, mechanical, and quartz watches, as well as chronograph models and touch screen watches. They are known for their innovative, intuitive features and are a key sponsor of international sports events, including fencing, cycling, motorsports, and ice hockey.

Tissot watches are designed to be durable and long-lasting, but even high-quality timepieces need regular servicing to keep them in top condition. This process involves dismantling the watch and then cleaning, reassembling, lubricating, and testing the movement for water resistance. This is the same for any Tissot watch, from a basic Powermatic 80 to a tech-heavy T-Touch Connect Solar.

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