Top 10 Refrigerant Recovery Machines

If you’re looking for a refrigerant recovery machine that offers a great combination of price and performance, look no further than the VEVOR. It offers liquid and vapor recovery, a high-pressure shut-off switch, and oversized pressure gauges.

Another option is the Robinair RG3. It has a twin-cylinder design that allows for a fast recovery rate, and it includes a full tank indicator.

  1. Appion G5 TWIN

The Appion G5 Twin refrigerant recovery machine is a nimble, powerful and lightweight workhorse. It features twin cylinders, twin condensers and a refrigerant-isolated crankcase for easy liquid & vapor recovery. This enables the unit to pump full flow without throttling, preventing clog-prone orifices from becoming maintenance issues down the road.

It also has a 10 blade turbine fan blasting over 700 cfm of air throughout the machine for cooling the compressor heads, motor and condensers. This reduces liquid slugging (compression of a liquid by the pistons) and increases the motor’s lifespan.

While the Fieldpiece MR45 has a faster rate for the lower temperature R22 direct vapor test, it doesn’t have the higher vapor recovery rates that the G5Twin does. It does however offer other useful features like diagnostics and line voltage drop compensation.

  1. Robinair RG3

The Robinair RG3 is the new standard for refrigerant recovery. It is easy to use and ideal for any residential or appliance sized recovery job. It can recover liquid and vapor refrigerants and works with all common CFC, HFC, HCFC and R-410A refrigerants. It is compact and lightweight and has a 40% smaller footprint and easy to carry.

It comes with compatible hoses and a 30 / 50-lb DOT-approved recovery cylinder. Users should follow the standard operating procedures of the machine including opening cylinder’s liquid valve and the manifold gauge set’s vapour valve slowly to ensure a full vacuum condition is achieved. The unit has an oilless compressor and simple 2-valve controls to evacuate the system and is equipped with a high pressure auto shut off switch for safety purposes.

  1. Fieldpiece RPM 3

This lightweight tool makes it easy to carry up and down a ladder with its seven-lb portability. It connects to the Fieldpiece Job Link System App and SMAN manifolds, allowing technicians to easily document their work for customers.

View static pressures from the new Dual Port manometer probes directly on SMAN without a hose. This modular freedom lets techs place the sensors where they need them — not where a long hose can get pinched. Dial in gas pressures on residential furnaces, optimize total external static pressure on commercial air handlers, or pinpoint duct leaks and restrictions.

The MR45’s smart variable speed DC motor automatically adjusts to handle liquid and ramps up to 3,300 rpm when it senses vapor. And its large condenser helps reduce liquid slugging during recovery. The motor control also matches incoming voltage, so it works when the grid has overcapacity.

  1. Kozyvacu RPM 3

This portable refrigerant recovery machine comes with everything you need to get the job done. It’s equipped with an oil-less compressor that can recover both liquid and vapor refrigerant. It has a dual-pressure gauge that displays the working pressures at all times and also features a shut-off switch to prevent over pressurization.

It has a 1/4″ oil fill port that makes it easy to add oil and also helps to avoid contamination of the oil chamber. It also has an angled oil drain hole for faster and more complete oil drainage.

This machine is a perfect choice for small appliance and air conditioning recharging jobs. It has a 40% smaller footprint and is easy to carry, weighing only 18 lbs. It has a large backlit display to easily read status messages and pressures.

  1. Inficon Vortex

The 714-202-G1 Inficon Vortex AC, the next generation of Inficon’s recovery machines, expands on the proven high performance and durability of its predecessor. A new ceramic bearing design offers superior improvements for longer life and increased recovery rates. It contains a single-valve liquid-tolerant, oil-less compressor driven by a 1/2 HP AC motor and carries an industry leading three-year replacement warranty on the whole machine including the compressor, valves and fan.

Other notable features include a micro-channel condenser that reduces heat to maintain high recovery speeds in real service conditions, oversized fan for exceptional cooling, two valves for simple operation and self-purging without changing hoses, blow molded casing to reduce noise, easy access gauges and an industry leading 3-year replacement warranty. Inficon is a leader in innovative vacuum instrumentation, critical sensor technologies and advanced process control products that enhance productivity and quality in sophisticated industrial vacuum processes for manufacturing semiconductors, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical storage media and air conditioning/refrigeration.Top 10 refrigerant recovery machines

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