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Truist Customer Service of the Year (Helpful Information)

Truist customer service is crucial to a bank’s customer service strategy. There are several ways to get in touch with the bank’s customer service department. There are also hours of operation, fees, and the company’s privacy practices. You can learn more about these issues in this article.

Location of the Truist Bank

The Truist Bank is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and has offices in Winston-Salem and Atlanta. The company’s CEO is William H Rogers Jr. The bank typically offers contracts for three years. However, customers can cancel the contract any time after the first year, and there is an early termination fee of $100. The company has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has received 458 customer service complaints and 1,897 customer reviews. However, it does not employ independent sales agents like some other banks and financial services.

The bank has been around since 2008, but many customers are still unhappy. Customers Eugene Snow and Jennifer Anthony spent four hours on hold before finally being able to speak to a customer service representative. Their experiences with the bank have led them to consider switching banks. While Truist has had three years to resolve its issues, they are ready to move on.

What is Truist Customer Service?

Truist Customer Service is the largest independent health insurance brokerage. The companyis here to make sure your health insurance needs are met. Whether you’re looking for an individual plan or a family policy, we’ll find the best option. We are also available to help you find affordable health insurance. The company aims to provide the best service possible to each of our clients, and we work hard to exceed their expectations.

Complaints About Truist Customer Service

BB&T and SunTrust Banks are affiliated with Truist Financial Corporation. This American bank holding company was formed in December 2019 through the merger of both firms. However, some consumers have complained that the customer service department is less than stellar. For instance, one customer complained that they were left in the dark about his account, and he was never contacted again.

The company was recently sued for copyright infringement and discrimination. However, this case was settled out of court. Currently, there are no outstanding class-action lawsuits against Truist. However, if unsatisfied with their customer service, you can always report them to a supervisory agency. In addition, you can leave reviews in the comment section.

Many of Truist bank’s customer complaints stem from their inability to respond to customer concerns. These problems can range from fraud to poor support from loan officers. Other common complaints include frozen funds or merchant accounts. Some of these issues may not be related to the banking side of the bank at all. They may even be related to a recent merger.

Fees of Truist Customer Service

If you’re looking for a new bank, consider Truist. This financial services company offers a wide variety of banking services and is backed by $544 billion in assets. Some of these services include checking, savings, and checking accounts. The company also offers personal finance and money mindset information. You can learn how to handle your money and make smart financial decisions, including starting a family or paying for school.

The company also has branch offices throughout the south and mid-Atlantic regions. You can visit any of these branches to conduct banking business if you’re traveling. However, be aware of the limits on transactions and additional charges for teller assistance. For example, you can only transfer funds between your two bank accounts for free if you meet the combined limit of fifty transactions per month.

Another financial service that Truist offers is a money market account. This account is similar to an online savings account and requires a minimum opening deposit of $100. The monthly maintenance fee is $12, but this can be waived if you maintain a $1,000 minimum daily balance. This account offers 0.01% APY and enables you to write checks directly from your account. In addition, Truist has a mobile app, as well as online banking.

Privacy Practices

Truist offers several security measures to protect customer data in keeping with its privacy practices. These measures include monitoring and reporting any suspicious activity related to your account. In addition, you should take measures to protect your own identity. These measures don’t have to be extensive, but they can provide an added layer of protection against identity theft.

Class-Action Lawsuits

There have been numerous complaints about the customer service at Truist Bank. Customers have reported problems with fraud and poor support from loan officers. They have also complained about frozen funds. Some customers say the bank has not been responsive to their concerns and are considering switching to another bank. However, the company isn’t always the culprit behind customer complaints.

After the conversion, Truist’s customer service has improved. In one recent instance, a customer complaint was escalated to the company’s head office. As a result, a Truist spokesperson said, “we will personally communicate with Manheim to correct this problem.”

While there aren’t many details about Truist’s contract with payment processors, it is known that the company has agreements with Global Payments and TSYS. The terms of these contracts are not publicly disclosed, but Global Payments and TSYS are both reputable payment processors with a good reputations. However, the details of the contracts may change after the company rebrands and reorganizes.


Truist Customer Service has been providing superior customer service since 2008. Truist is an award-winning customer service and call center company that helps small businesses grow and thrive. The company services provide the best customer experience possible,giving customers more reasons to return and refer their friends and family to us. The company is always open to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our products and services.

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