Custom Stirrup Socks

Athletes in baseball and softball need comfortable and versatile uniform socks. Our custom stirrup socks offer a classic look while providing the performance you need to win.

Until the mid-1990s, most MLB players wore stirrup socks paired with white sanitary stockings. Now, you can find striped stirrup socks in different cut lengths that allow you to show a bit of the white under sock.


Whether you’re a professional baseball team or just playing in a community league, having a cohesive uniform can boost your players’ spirit and performance. Custom socks are an easy and inexpensive way to create a unique look for your team.

Custom stirrup socks come in a variety of colors and stripes and can be personalized with logos or text. They are also knitted with polypropylene, nylon, and elastic yarns that provide support, compression, and comfort.

Originally, players wore two layers of stockings to protect their feet from injury. This led to the development of the baseball stirrup sock, which consisted of a white, washable sanitary stocking worn inside of a colored uniform stocking. The result was a comfortable, durable and eye-catching piece of clothing that has become an essential part of the baseball outfit.


Our custom socks are made from a blend of polypropylene, nylon, and elastic. This makes them durable and comfortable to wear. The socks are also soft and quick to dry. They can be worn with baseball shoes and are ideal for sports players who are active on the field.

Our baseball stirrup socks are manufactured in the USA and can be delivered within two to three weeks. They are designed to provide support at the impact areas of the foot, ankle, and calf. They feature tube construction, double-welt top, and smooth toe seam. They are available in different lengths and color combinations.

Baseball and softball players like to wear long colorful socks that match their team uniforms. These striped socks are eye-catching and make them stand out on the field. The socks are often pulled up high under a pair of pants to show off the sock color. The players can wear these striped socks for the sake of fashion or to build their team’s brand identity.


Custom baseball stirrup socks are designed for style, comfort, and performance. They are made of 100% nylon and feature tube construction, a double-welt top, and smooth toe seams. They are also light weight, quick drying, and soft to the touch. Nylon is well-known for its abrasion resistance and durability.

Traditionally worn over baseball socks, stirrups create an elegant old-style look that many players love. They are also a great way to show team spirit or add a fun element to the uniform.

At Socks Rock, we offer a wide range of colors and patterns for your customized baseball socks. You can even choose from different cut lengths. Choose a 5-inch cut for classic baseball style or select a shorter cut that exposes less of the white under sock. We also offer striped stirrup socks that are perfect for those who want to mix up their look. These patterned baseball socks can be printed with your team name or logo.


Baseball and softball players need durable socks that are comfortable to wear, fit well, and look great. Our custom logo stirrup socks are made of high-quality materials, including polypropylene, nylon, and elastic, to ensure that they last and provide excellent coverage for the feet. They are also printed with a custom team logo or slogan to give the players and fans something to cheer about.

Our custom baseball and softball socks are available in different sizes. Choose from a five-inch cut, seven-inch cut, or nine-inch cut to match your preferences and your uniform.

These socks are made in the USA and knitted with polypropylene, nylon, and elastic yarns that provide compression, durability, and comfort. They are also made with flat-knit construction so they have the same thickness throughout the sock. They are lightweight, quick drying, soft, and washable. They are also abrasion-resistant and provide added support in the heel and toe area. These baseball and softball socks are the perfect addition to any player’s wardrobe.

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