How to Get Local Moving Quotes Online

Many large moving companies allow customers to get local moving quotes online. They may also provide them in-person or over the phone.

The size of your household, the date of your move and the distance of your move are critical factors that determine your moving quote. Peak season moves tend to cost more than other times of the year.


There are several factors that influence the cost of moving. For example, the date of your move can make a difference. A weekend or summer move will cost more than a weekday, off-season move. Other costs include labor and fuel. The cost of additional services, such as storage or specialty item handling, can also affect the price.

Local movers typically base their quotes on the size of your household and the distance of the move. In some cases, they may visit your home and look at your belongings to determine the amount of space you’ll need on the truck. This can help you save money by reducing the number of items you need to transport.

A good moving company will provide you with a free estimate of the cost of your move. This will help you keep your budget under control and avoid scams. The quote will include all the relevant charges, including tariff costs, transportation charges, insurance surcharges, and accessorial services.


There are many factors that will influence the price of your move, including the weight of your shipment and the distance between your old and new home. You can get a better idea of how much your move will cost by getting quotes from several companies. This will help you spot red flags such as prices that are dramatically higher or lower than the competition’s.

Local movers usually charge by the hour. The number of hours needed to complete the job will depend on the size of your household and the number of movers. You will also be charged for additional services, such as packing and storage.

A quality local moving company will treat your belongings with care and provide exceptional customer service. They will communicate with you clearly and answer any questions you may have. They will also provide you with a binding estimate based on a virtual moving survey or a consultation at your home.


When looking for local moving quotes online, it’s important to consider how the movers are licensed. Most reputable movers have licenses issued by their state and/or county. These licenses may also include certification from the American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMover program, which requires companies to adhere to high safety and service standards.

If a mover is operating intrastate, they should have a department of transportation (DOT) and motor carrier (MC) number. The DOT keeps records of moving companies and their track record. You can check a company’s DOT and MC numbers on the FMCSA’s website to see if they have any complaints on file.

If a mover is shipping goods across state lines, they must be licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission. They will also need to have a bond with the commission. A bonded mover is more likely to provide quality services and follow safety regulations. This is especially true for interstate movers.


Getting an online moving quote can be easier and faster than in-person estimates, especially for smaller moves. You can get an instant quote from many different companies that offer a variety of services. While online quotes are not as accurate as formal estimates, they can be helpful in planning your move and setting a budget.

Moving companies use a number of factors to calculate your local or long-distance move quote, including truck space, labor costs, and equipment. These estimates are based on the size and weight of your belongings, and they also take into account any obstacles that might increase moving costs, such as stairs, narrow passageways, or steep driveways. The moving company may charge an hourly rate or a flat fee, depending on the complexity of your move.

When choosing a moving company, be sure to check out their credentials and reputation. Look for a company that has been licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and that offers full-value insurance protection.

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