Dometic Replacement Heating Element

A Dometic replacement heating element is a must have for any RV fridge. Unlike the DC compressor refrigerators you’re used to, these absorption models are much more susceptible to exterior temperature conditions and require a little extra attention.

Whether you’re camping for an extended period of time or just taking a weekend trip, having spare parts on hand can be extremely helpful. The refrigerator thermocouple is one of these parts.

Replacement Part Numbers

Replacement parts for your camper or caravan are not cheap, and you need the right part to ensure proper operation. Thankfully, Dometic provides a bevy of replacement gadgets and gear to keep your RV running in tip-top shape. This includes their high-tech water heaters and refrigerators, as well as their more practical (and less expensive) appliances like the aforementioned awnings, air conditioners, and stoves. Their products are so reliable that they’ve even been deemed an official “Original Equipment Manufacturer” by the government, or OEM for short. To find out which of their many products suits your needs best, ask your local Dometic service partner for an honest evaluation of your RV.


The Dometic Replacement Heating Element is designed to be an exact replacement for the RM66E 160W-12V heater element that fits most RM53 series caravan and motorhome fridges. It includes a wire lead for easy connection. MC Enterprises provides quality replacement parts for all your RV needs!

If your Dometic AC heaters are not working, there are two things you should do first. One is to check for continuity on the power supply with a circuit tester. Another is to test the resistance on the heater element with a multi meter. This will tell you if the heater element is bad. If it is bad then you should replace the heater element with a new one. There are a few different heater elements used in Dometic AC heaters so make sure you get the right part for your model. Also you should check for recall info on your unit and see if it is affected by that issue.

Installation Instructions

Dometic is a manufacturer of many RV and Camper appliances including air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators and water heaters. It also provides replacement parts for many of these appliances.

If you are replacing a Dometic water heater element you may need to follow the instructions provided by Dometic. This is not a simple replacement and requires a skilled technician to complete the job properly.

First remove the cap that covers the element and then loosen the gas line. Once you have those things out of the way you should be able to slide the old element out and then install the new one.

If you are unable to remove the element by hand, then the best solution would be to get a local repair shop to do the job for you. There are several steps to follow and you will need a skilled technician who knows how to connect all the parts correctly. Once you have done the installation, test the resistance of the old element and the new one to determine which is going bad.


Dometic refrigerators may look like your average residential fridge, but they have unique features and are built for RV travel. These rv cooling units are designed with variable power source compatibility in mind, allowing them to be used in both travel trailers and Class A motorhomes.

The company’s top-of-the-line refrigerators use a gas absorption cooling system to keep your food fresh and cold. The technology works by converting heat to ammonia vapor and then dispersing it through a coil system.

The company also offers the best warranty on their replacement heating element. The unit has a 10 year limited warranty and will be replaced with a new one should the original part fail during the warranty period. A proof of purchase is required to receive a replacement, and the customer will need to send back the defective part. This will usually involve a shipping fee and a return inspection by a factory technician to confirm the replacement is correct.

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